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  • Cottage Health Takes the Pulse of Community Needs

Published on June 15, 2016

Cottage Health Takes the Pulse of Community Needs

Findings from assessment will help to understand the scope of population health concerns

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Cottage Health is committed to improving the well-being of Santa Barbara County residents. Good health starts long before someone arrives at a doctor’s office or hospital. To better understand the needs and strengths of the entire community, and the many diverse groups within it, Cottage will be conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment beginning in late June.

Findings from this assessment will help Cottage Health and our community partners recognize the scope of population health concerns. The assessment will help to take a closer look at the specific factors that influence the health of county residents.

The Community Health Needs Assessment will include telephone surveys. These will take place across Santa Barbara County beginning in late June. Telephone numbers will be chosen at random and include both cell and home phones. All responses will be confidential, and information collected will not be connected to any names or phone numbers.

In addition to the Community Health Needs Assessment, Cottage Health also will conduct a “Listening Tour” this summer. This will enable Cottage to hear from and gather thoughts from individuals and organizations regarding population health. The listening tour will be comprised of online surveys, group discussions, face-to-face meetings, phone interviews, site visits and tours at select community-based organizations.

As a nonprofit organization, Cottage Health is required by California and federal laws to conduct a health needs assessment every three years; the last survey was completed in 2013.

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