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Institutional Review Board Policies & Forms

8012.01 Non-Affiliated Investigator Agreement
8012.02 Adverse Event Reporting

8012.03 Billing for IRB Review of Research
8012.04 Research Subject Recruitment and Advertisement
8012.05 Investigator Responsibilities
8012.06 IRB Review of Research
8012.07 Guideline for Surrogate Consenting
8012.08 Emergency Use of a Test Article

8012.09 Institutional Review Board Membership
8012.10 IRB Records and Reporting Guidelines

8012.11 IRB Standards for Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information
8012.12 Specimen Collection and/or Tissue Banking
8012.13 Informed Consent Guidelines for Research
8012.14 Conflict of Interest
8012.15 Research and Data Requests with Varying Degrees of CHS Engagement
8012.16 CHS IRB Approval of Research Conducted Outside Cottage Health System
8012.17 IRB Education, Compliance, and Audit Activities
8012.18 IRB Action Plan for Investigator Non-Compliance
8012.19 Guidelines for the Compassionate Use of Investigational Agents

8012.20 Children's Assent Guidelines

8012.21 Research Participant Grievance Procedures
8012.22 Inclusion of Women and Minorities in Research

8012.23 Medical Device Guidelines
8012.24 Guidelines for Investigational New Drug Studies
8012.25 NCI CIRB Cooperative Research
8012.27 IRB Guidelines for Enrolling Vulnerable Subjects in Research
8012.28 Prisoners as Research Subjects Prisoners as Research Subjects
8012.29 Pregnant Women and Fetuses as Research Subjects
8012.30 Financial Conflict of Interest for PHS Funded Research