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Meisel Gallery of Art

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital - Meisel Art Gallery

The Harris and Fredda Meisel Gallery of Art brings Healing Arts to CRH, our commitment to using the visual arts as a way of transforming the medical environment from a de-personalized setting to one of color and inspiration.

The Gallery is a vision of the hospital’s founder, Harris Meisel, MD, and is situated in two distinct but connected areas of the hospital.

One area offers the semi-permanent exhibit of artwork by Harris Meisel, MD. Dr. Meisel holds a degree in fine arts from Temple University as well as a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Meisel believes that the creative energy in an artist's work offers a powerful healing opportunity.

The main gallery area offers a large space that allows for group exhibitions. CRH has brought works of art into the hospital on a permanent and rotating basis to enhance corridors and treatment areas for patients and families.

The Meisel Gallery of Art
Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital
2415 De la Vina Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Phone: 805-687-7444

Gallery Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.,
weekends 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Exhibit Opportunities

Being invited to display in the Meisel Gallery of Art offers artists a unique experience to present their work to the greater Santa Barbara community. Our spacious walls and hallways of the gallery are not only open to the public, but are available for viewing by the Institute's patients, families and friends.


The Meisel Gallery is 400 running feet of hallway in the public area of Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital. There are three distinct, but connected areas that display the work of multiple artists.


  • CRH handles all transactions for sales, retaining 25% of each sale; and has the right to change this agreement prior to contracting with an artist for a show. The artist provides a price list. Artwork may be shown that is not for sale. 
  • CRH makes the final determination as to where in the gallery an artist may show. 
  • Art may not weigh more than 20 lbs. 
  • CRH cannot exhibit freestanding sculpture. 
  • All art must be dry, wired and ready for hanging by CRH staff on a predetermined day. 
  • The artist provides a one-time-use mailing list to promote the show. 
  • CRH may mail a pre-determined number of postcards for each show, listing all artists that are showing. 
  • The artist will be present at the reception, and be available to speak with the media at any time. 
  • CRH will send out a press release to all local media prior to each show. 
  • The artist or CRH may remove artwork at any time during the show. However, a piece must be replaced with another, or the artist must permit CRH to put another work of art in its place. 
  • CRH determines, prior to the show, the date and time that all artwork must be removed from the gallery. 
  • CRH retains the right to refuse to show any artist or piece of art.

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