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Entertainment Visitor Guidelines

The following entertainment visitor guidelines were developed to protect the health and well-being of the patients entrusted to our care.

Our goal is to provide the best experience for patients and staff in the hospitals. We strive to balance our patients' needs (including their medical conditions, safety, privacy and interest levels) with the amount and types of visits and events planned. Events and group visits are screened by the Cottage Health (CH) Hospitality Department and Volunteer Services. CH does not provide stipends for inpatient and visitor entertainment.

The best activities for our patients are:

  • Entertaining, educational, soothing, comforting
  • Age appropriate
  • Physically and emotionally safe
  • Religiously and politically neutral

Please read the following Entertainment Visitor Guidelines before submitting an event application. We will contact you within ten business days of receiving your application. Thank you for your interest in providing an entertainment experience for our patients.

Preparing for Your Visit

Entertainment Visitor Request Form

Prior to filling out the Entertainment Visitor Request Form please read the visitor guidelines. If you have questions regarding the guidelines please call (805) 569-7357 

Request Form

  1. Your group must submit a CD/DVD or other recording of a past performance (such as a YouTube link) when submitting your application. You may supply a link through the online application or, if you prefer, mail the recording to:
    Volunteer Services Director
    Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
    P.O. Box 689
    Santa Barbara, CA 93102
  2. You will be informed of the time frame of your visit and location when your application has been approved.
  3. Entertainment visitors will be limited to no more than eight (8) members per group unless a larger group is requested and pre-approved through the application process.
  4. All entertainment visitors must be at least eighteen (18) years old unless younger visitors are pre-approved through the application process.
  5. If any member of your group is currently ill or has had recent exposure to a communicable disease (including a cold or the flu), s/he may not visit CH.
  6. No photographs or videos may be taken inside the facilities.
  7. Nothing may be given to the patients without approval prior to your visit from an appropriate hospital representative, including food, beverages, flowers, latex balloons or gifts. We are happy to accept and distribute your donations on behalf of our patients.
  8. Due to patients’ changing medical conditions and treatment schedules, the size of any audience for visiting entertainers cannot be guaranteed.
  9. CH reserves the right to cancel or interrupt your performance for any reason.
  10. All costumes, including those of characters popular with children, must be pre-approved. If costumes are not being used, please dress appropriately for a hospital setting.
  11. CH is not responsible for any injury, loss of personal belongings or equipment while you are visiting.
  12. If you/your group wish to perform more than two times per year you must become a CH Volunteer and complete a Volunteer Application.

During Your Visit

  1. You will be accompanied at all times by a representative of CH. It is imperative that you follow all posted, written and verbal instructions from CH staff members.
  2. If you have been pre-approved to enter patient care areas, your CH representative will determine whether entering patients’ rooms is appropriate.
  3. Because patients’ diagnoses, histories and reasons for hospitalization are strictly confidential, it is inappropriate to question patients, their family members or CH staff regarding such issues whether they are in their rooms or public areas such as elevators, hallways and the cafeteria.
  4. Insensitivity to patients for any reason will result in expulsion from the hospital.
  5. No religious or political remarks, lyrics or other verbal or non-verbal expression will be allowed at any time in any area of the facility being visited.
  6. No solicitation (i.e., “tip jars”) or selling of merchandise permitted.
  7. Interaction with patients, if allowed, should be sensitive, friendly and respectful. You may become unduly emotional during your visit. If that occurs, please leave the area temporarily, as patients are very sensitive to others’ reactions. Also, if you become lightheaded or faint, please notify a CH staff member immediately.

Thank you for observing these guidelines and for demonstrating your commitment to CH and the community we serve. We trust that your visit will have the same positive impact on you as it does on our patients.

If you have questions regarding the guidelines or application, please contact:

Volunteer Services
(805) 569-7357

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