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SAGE Medical Library

Located on the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital campus, the SAGE Medical Library is the largest such facility on the Central Coast and the only one open to the public. It serves the entire Santa Barbara community, including physicians, hospital staff, patients, students, medical researchers and the general public.

Features of the SAGE Medical Library include:

  • 24/7/365 availability for employees
  • 2 librarians with Masters of Library Science degrees to help with searches and training
  • 3 conference rooms with laptops and video screens for collaboration and video conferencing
  • 2 computers for public use
  • Over 1,200 online medical and nursing books
  • Over 700 more journals available through online medical databases
  • Over 700 medical and nursing reference textbooks
  • Member of the National Network of Libraries
  • Patient and public access available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

New Design and Tradition

The new library respects tradition while transitioning into the 21st century with new technology for storing and retrieving information. The digital media capabilities enable users to perform research, interact with others and exchange new information and ideas.

The focal point of the library is its gently curving ceiling, the shape and color are inspired by the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The design of the ceiling cornice, and the proportions of the wood panels, recall the character of the earlier Reeves Library.

To honor the tradition of the previous library, the fireplace mantle from the Reeves Library was relocated to the new SAGE Library. Natural stone wall tile accents the fireplace along with porcelain tile that has been crafted from recycled material.

The architectural style of the new hospital building is a modern variation on the traditional Mediterranean style for which Santa Barbara is famous. By combining modern design with traditional architecture, the Sage Medical Library connects Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital’s past with its future.

During construction, skilled, local craftsmen were used as much as possible.

Online Health Library

Here are a few resources to help you find the latest information about diseases, procedures, medicines, preventive care and more.

SAGE Medical Library

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
400 West Pueblo Street

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