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Population Health

Cottage Health - Population Health

Think Outside the Hospital

Partnerships Enhance Our Impact

Whether you work on the front lines of health, are involved in the community, or are a local citizen concerned about your personal health and the health of our region, we want to hear what you have to say. Email:

For more than a century, we’ve been on a mission to provide Santa Barbara County -- and all its diverse communities -- with compassionate health care and uncompromising quality. Government ratings now place our patient care among the top 2% of hospitals nationwide.

So, what’s next? What else can we do to make our population healthier? How can we extend our reach to those who may be underserved by traditional health care providers?

To answer those questions, we took a step back and started with this simple fact: Lifelong health begins outside the hospital.

That’s why Cottage Health created a Population Health program.

Population Health…What Will it Do?

Population Health is a new initiative from Cottage Health. It’s designed to improve the health outcomes of all our communities by keeping people healthy and helping them prevent unnecessary illness and more expensive health care.

In a nutshell, Population Health will help people before they have a health emergency, so that they stay healthier overall, and less likely to need hospitalization.

Population Health identifies the needs, differences and opportunities for improvement within a specific population or demographic and collaborates with other local nonprofits to help more of our neighbors live long, healthy and productive lives.

Listen, Learn and Launch

Population Health in Santa Barbara

Population Health in Santa Barbara County

Learn about the struggles facing populations in Santa Barbara County and the implications that they have on public health.

Take the Tour

Here’s how Population Health works: We start with a listening -- to those who work on the front lines of health, and to our community partners who have insight into the health needs of specific areas in our communities. We conduct listening tours and talk with individuals and families through schools, nonprofits and telephone surveys.

The data we collect will lead us to identify and prioritize the most important health concerns in the most specific areas, partner with the most appropriate nonprofit that shares our vision, and implement the plan that will have the most impact.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Cottage Health has recently completed a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to better understand the population health needs and strengths of the community that we are honored to serve.

Follow this link to learn more about 2016 Cottage Health Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

Well Beyond Our Walls

Population Health partners with schools, government agencies, community organizations, faith-based organizations and employers throughout Santa Barbara County so we can work together to identify needs and develop the most effective programs to improve health and wellness.

Together, we can accomplish more and create a healthier community for all who live here. And we envision the benefits lasting for generations.

Contact Population Health

We want to hear from you -- our community! Whether you work on the front lines of health, are involved in the community, or are a local citizen concerned about your personal health and the health of our region, we want to hear what you have to say.

E-mail the Population Health team at:, or to be added to our mailing list please fill out this brief form - Population Health Mailing List Form

Meet Our Team

Population Health Staff

  • Kathryn Bazylewicz, Vice President of Marketing and Population Health
  • Madeleine Frey, Director of Population Health, Evaluation
  • Monica Ray, Population Health Associate
  • Ama Atiedu, Population Health Contractor for Evaluation
  • Maureen Graham, Senior Administrative Assistant

Population Health Task Force

  • Dorothy Largay, PhD, Chair 
  • P. Steven Ainsley
  • Steven Barkley, MD
  • Katy Bazylewicz
  • Richard Beswick, PhD
  • Laurie Biscaro
  • Jon Clark
  • David Dietrich
  • Paul Erickson, MD
  • Gregory F. Faulkner
  • Steve Fellows
  • Lori Gaskin, PhD
  • Fred Kass, MD
  • Sharon Lutz, PhD
  • Gamble Parks
  • Laura Polito, MD
  • Sal Robledo
  • Anne Rodriguez, MD
  • Patrice Ryan
  • Brett Tande
  • Ron Werft
  • Ed Wroblewski, MD

Population Health Listening Tour

Cottage Population Health Video - Santa Barbara

The Listening Tour solicited input from community members and leaders, including public health officials, health providers, nonprofit workers, Cottage Health employees, government leaders, and business owners.

Take the Tour

Listening Tour Findings

View a brief summary of key findings from the Cottage Population Health Listening Tour.

View Listening Tour Key Findings

Listening Tour Survey

The results from this survey helped Cottage Health prioritize the health indicators highlighted in the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report.

View Listening Tour Survey Results

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Cottage Health - CMS 5 Star Rating for Quality

Only 2.2 percent of hospitals evaluated earned the government’s first-ever 5-Star rating for overall quality and safety. Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital were two of them.

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Maria Zate, Manager of Public Relations

Phone: 805-879-8986