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Maternity & Newborn Care

The birth of a child is a moment of wonder, one you will always remember. At Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, we are ready to help you welcome your baby to the world.


Set by the Santa Ynez mountains, our new hospital is known as one of the most beautiful in the country. Built in the Spanish Colonial style, with work from local artists along the halls, it feels more like a home than a hospital. That is most true at our Childbirth Center, where our rooms have extra space and natural light from picture windows with mountain and skyline views.


Each birth room has a sofa, rocking chair, recliner and large pillows for comfort. Because we monitor your vital signs without wires, you are free to shower or soak in our water therapy tub. You can use workout balls to help with labor, and step outside to our lovely courtyard. Pain relief will be given as you ask.

After birth, you and your baby will move to a new room. If neither of you has special medical needs, you will “room in” together with 24-hour nurse support. Your room will also have a place for your partner or another helper to sleep, too.

Each room has Wi-Fi and a large video monitor with a computer keyboard. You can call up a mix of media and tune into videos for relaxation and baby care. For meals, you will order from a menu, like room service. You are welcome to snacks from our pantry any time.

Nurturing your baby

We will place your baby on your chest as soon as we can after birth. We do this for infants who have been born by Cesarean surgery, too. This early “skin-to-skin” time lets you bond with your newborn. It’s also a great time to start breastfeeding, which will help your baby thrive.

We offer guidance on baby care and breastfeeding throughout your stay. You can always rely on our certified lactation consultants for help. And we will give you a copy of our “Baby News” guide to take home.

While most of our patients have normal pregnancies, we are a referral center for at-risk pregnancies. If your baby is born early, has a crisis or needs special care, you have immediate access to our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Meeting All Needs

Our specially trained nurses are devoted to helping expectant families and newborns. Around 2,400 babies are born at our hospital each year, including family-centered surgical deliveries. Yet each birth is a very personal beginning. Develop your birth plan ahead of time with our staff, or tell us your wishes when you check in at the hospital.