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The Magazine of Cottage Health is published multiple times a year and includes inspirational stories of hope and healing of Cottage Health patients and their families. It also also offers looks at some of the remarkable staff as well as community philanthropists who share the Cottage vision of continually making lives better.

Cottage Health Magazine Fall 2020Fall 2020

In This Issue:

A Family Recovering From COVID-19

A Community of Compassion Responds to the Pandemic

Improving the Health of Children in Santa Barbara County

New Options for Care Near You

Hospital Safety

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Cottage Health Magazine Summer 2019Summer 2019

In This Issue:

Care in the Community

Neil Myers: Recovering From Trauma

Emergency Department Expansion

Matters of the Heart

Comprehensive Stroke Care

Research to Improve Health

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Cottage Health Magazine February 2019February 2019

In This Issue:

Celebrating the Past and Future

With Gratitude

Visionary Philanthropists Lead the Way

All Together at Cottage Children’s Medical Center (CCMC)

Haselton Family NICU

Lakers Legend Bounces Back

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Cottage Health Magazine Spring 2018Spring 2018

In This Issue:

How We Heal: Caring After Catastrophe

Finding Fulfillment: Allyson Toscher’s Path to Nursing

Responding to the Opioid Crisis: Keeping our Community Safe

Shared Gratitude: Peter and Connie Harvie

Robotic Assisted Surgery: Reaching New Capabilities

Population Health: From Planning to Action

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Cottage Health Magazine Winter 2017Winter 2017

In This Issue:

Hope and Haven in the world: Bright days ahead

From health professional to hospital patient: Pat’s story

Health Forward: Using medical research to improve lives

A gift for generations: Angela Starke’s legacy

Making birthday presents mean more

Tackling obstacles – with new technology

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Cottage Magazine Spring 2017Spring 2017

In This Issue:

Corby's Story:
iMRI technology opens new treatment options

Caring for Caregivers

Family Assistance Fund:
Help when it's needed most

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Cottage Magazine Archive

Fall 2016

Cottage Magazine Fall 2016

In This Issue:

Beating Strong:
Cottage Heart and Vascular Center Stays at Forefront with New Solutions for Patients

Cottage Health Initiatives:
Elevating Research for Advances in Care at our Hospitals

Sloan's Start
Born four months premature, this NICU graduate is thriving.

On the Cover: Sloane was born early and spent three months in the NICU. Now she's an active, healthy five-year-old.

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Fall 2015

Cottage Magazine Summer 2014

In This Issue:

The State of Reform
What the ACA has meant for our community and our hospitals.

Construction Update: Bringing Down the Walls
Paving the way for the future in surgical innovation.

The Facts About Vaccine
from Santa Barbara’s Strive for 95 Coalition.

On the Cover: The New Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital The opening events were grand. And our employees are ready to care for patients in the beautiful new hospital on South Patterson Avenue in Goleta.

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Winter 2014

Cottage Magazine Winter 2014

In This Issue:

The Mitchell Sisters Lose Big
Bariatric surgery reduces two sisters to a fraction of their former selves

A Tale of Great Loss
People don’t recognize Debbie and Pam Mitchell very easily these days, now that they have lost close to 200 pounds between the two of them.

Melissa's Journey Back to School
At 18 years old, Melissa Shew had recently moved from San Clemente to begin her freshman year at Westmont College.

On the Cover: Melissa Shew moved to Santa Barbara to begin college. Her family would soon have another reason to be thankful she found her way to our community, close to medical excellence when she needed it most.

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Summer 2014

Cottage Magazine Summer 2014In This Issue:

Know Your Medications
In the US, adverse drug events cause over 700,000 emergency visits each year. Read labels and ask questions to stay safe.

Construction Updates
Building, growing, renovating: hospitals for the future.

Burtness Lives On
A family continues a special legacy of giving to our community.

On the Cover: Joe Huerta had a brain tumor removed. A week later, he and his wife, Carol, boarded a plane for their vacation.

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Fall 2013

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Fall 2013
  • Building the New GVCH
  • Heartburn or Heart Attack?
  • Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp
  • What is Sepsis?
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Spring 2013

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Spring 2013
  • Dominic's Flight
  • Houses Became Homes
  • Arriving on the Brink
  • Unexpected Journey
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Fall 2012

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Fall 2012
  • Brainy Days and Memory Matinees
  • Building the New Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital
  • Bringing Home Baby
  • Flight to Safety
  • Who Will Care?
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Summer 2012

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Summer 2012
  • Opening Your New Hospital; A New Day
  • Dori's Story
  • Joel's Story
  • Transition Success - Opening Day
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Winter 2012

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Winter 2012
  • Kaylin's New Spin on Life
  • Learning the Way Home
  • Community Benefit Report
  • Construction Continues
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Fall 2011

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Fall 2011
  • The New Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
  • Trauma Services
  • Steady Beat
  • Robotic Surgery
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Summer 2011

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Summer 2011
  • The New Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
  • Trauma Services
  • Steady Beat
  • Robotic Surgery
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Spring 2011

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Spring 2011
  • Jeannie's Journey
  • Destination Critical
  • Get Out, Get Moving
  • Villa Riviera
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Fall 2010

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Fall 2010
  • Safety on Wheels
  • Healing a Wound
  • Act Fast
  • Being Prepared
  • A Greener Cottage
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Spring 2010

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Spring 2010
  • Saving Colleen
  • Walk It Off
  • Working with Vision
  • Human Dignity
  • The Pool Rules
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Fall 2009

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Fall 2009
  • Volunteer Profiles
  • Constructing Your Hospitals
  • New Security
  • Mission Critical
  • Medical Education
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Spring 2009

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Spring 2009
  • Coming Back Strong
  • Colon Cancer Facts
  • Roots of Medicine
  • Signs of Stroke
  • Weighing In Healthy
  • Food News
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Winter 2009

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Winter 2009
  • Back In the Water
  • Assistive Technology
  • Surviving Breast Cancer
  • Finding the Balance
  • Breastfeeding
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Spring 2008

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Spring 2008
  • Faster Healing
  • Two Lives and Two Trees
  • Growing Up Healthy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Constructing Cottage
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Summer 2008

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Summer 2008
  • Ice & Umbrellas
  • Melinda's Story
  • Finding the Way Home
  • What is Cottage Health System
  • Spinning Wheels and Making Waves
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Winter 2008

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Winter 2008
  • Your Letters
  • New Frontiers
  • Campaign Update
  • Infection Protection
  • The Funny One
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Spring 2007

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Spring 2007
  • Graduation Celebration
  • Changing Courses
  • Nursing For the New Generation
  • Getting the Answers on Charitable Remainder Trusts
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Summer/Fall 2007

In This Issue:
Cottage Magazine Spring 2007
  • What Pictures Say
  • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Saving Ana
  • Constructing Cottage
  • Beyond the Textbooks
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