• Exercise Science Expert Returns to Active Lifestyle After Knee Replacement

Published on September 22, 2016

Exercise Science Expert Returns to Active Lifestyle After Knee Replacement

Cottage Center for Orthopedics - Knee Replacement - Frank Katch

Frank Katch’s curiosity and energy has driven his career in exercise science. His passion for exercise science didn’t stop at teaching and doing research at the University of Massachusetts. He frequently appeared on national network television, published more than 250 articles in scientific journals, in exercise physiology and sports nutrition, and consulted on fitness and conditioning with NFL, MLB, and NBA teams.

A former college athlete, his personal love for exercise kept him moving, and that continued into his semi-retirement in Santa Barbara, whether he was playing golf, running, biking or taking walks on the beach.

When he hurt his left knee with an unfortunate misstep on the golf course, he faced the prospect of a life with limited activity and pain in everyday activities. “I can’t even conceive of not moving without a full life of physical activity,” he says. “Activity was always a part my life.”

After carefully exploring his options with guidance from orthopedic specialist Dr. Graham Hurvitz, Katch decided a surgical knee replacement was “the best conclusion.”

“Either fix the knee or be miserable,” he says. If he didn’t fix it, the injury would be compounded by other problems. “The leg below the knee started to bow out a little bit because I was walking funny.”

He went in to talk with Dr. Hurvitz about knee replacement surgery, armed with 25 questions. “My anxiety level was a 10,” says Katch. By the time he answered the third question with technical elegance, I was completely at ease. “After we spoke my anxiety level declined to 0!”

Katch had his knee replaced in March of 2015 at the Cottage Center for Orthopedics located at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital. Today, the 73-year-old is back walking the golf course with renewed purpose 3-4 times a week, among other activities.

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