• Keck Center Meets an Array of Outpatient Rehabilitation Needs

Published on January 14, 2016

Keck Center Meets an Array of Outpatient Rehabilitation Needs

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You might be surprised to know everything that’s available through Keck Center for Outpatient Services at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital; but, a growing number of people are finding out first hand.

“Over the past four years, the Keck Center volume has increased 50 percent,” says Ann Veazey, director of therapy services for Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital.

A large number of Keck Center patients are recovering from serious illness or injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation or other trauma. Patients may have been cared for previously at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital or other facilities; and, while well enough to return home, they continue their rehabilitation as an outpatient.

“We receive referrals from over 100 community physicians,” says Sue Adams, assistant director of therapy services.

As part of Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital, Keck Center therapists have access to The Tuohy Foundation Aquatic Center for those patients for whom aquatic therapy is indicated. In addition, the resources of the hospital’s Assistive Technology Center are available, as appropriate. Keck Center provides multiple services in one location, which is convenient for patients and facilitates a team approach by the highly trained and skilled professionals. “We have patients who receive up to four services under the same roof, and that’s a real plus,” says Adams.


Counseling Psychology – Provided by a family therapist or a licensed social worker, these services can help with adjustment to disability, chronic pain management, family dynamics and other issues.

Neuropsychology – Addresses cognitive deficits as a result of brain injuries or disorders and may include testing to pinpoint problems. Provided by a Ph.D. credentialed Neuropsychologist.

Occupational Therapy –Therapists focus on functional every day activities, progressing patients along the continuum from self care to home management to community, school and work related skills in order to maximize their independence. Vision rehabilitation addresses problems caused by neurological impairment, such as double vision. Keck Center Adaptive Driving Program provides pre-driving and behind-the-wheel driving evaluations for individuals adjusting to a disability as well as seniors challenged by conditions of aging.

Physical Therapy – In addition to assisting patients with improving strength movement and balance, therapists assist anyone who uses a wheelchair with seating, positioning and pressure mapping to identify the best cushion to prevent pressure sores. Keck Center offers a specialty program for Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation for women, men and children.

Speech Language – Therapist’s scope of practice includes communication skills following stroke and/or brain injury. This includes aphasia and dysarthria (articulation), to name a few. Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) associated with Parkinson’s Disease or acquired brain injury are also addressed by the speech therapist as well as voice disorders, such as vocal chord dysfunction. In some cases, assistive technology is utilized to address with speech and language challenges.

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