• When the Binge Goes Beyond Season 1

Published on June 10, 2016

When the Binge Goes Beyond Season 1

TV Binge Watching

Researchers have raised concerns about the impact of eating while watching TV for decades. Now that we've reached the Netflix era, diet experts caution that the recent trend of "binge watching" favorite shows may translate into even more worrisome nutritional habits and weight gain.

"You can watch the whole season at one time, and people will, and they'll stay up late because they can't stop," says Cottage Health clinical dietician Stacey Bailey.

That means less time for sleep and exercise, and more time for mindless munching.

Bailey encourages eating regular meals and snacks away from viewing devices, so we are more conscious of our consumption. But for those who struggle with the inclination to indulge while watching, she offers some tips.

  • Ask yourself before you grab a snack: "Am I truly hungry?"
  • Choose healthier options, like cut up fruits and vegetables, whole-wheat crackers and popcorn that's light on butter and oil.
  • Portion snacks out so you know how much you've eaten and when to stop. "Don't bring food out in a big package when watching TV."
  • Drink a low-calorie beverage

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