• Cottage Health to Share Findings of Community Health Needs Assessment

Published on November 13, 2020

Cottage Health to Share Findings of Community Health Needs Assessment

Online Event

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Cottage Center for Population Health will be sharing findings from its recent Community Health Needs Assessment at an online event on Wednesday, November 18, from 1-2 pm.

In 2019, Cottage Health and community partners gathered data to better understand the health and well-being of the community. The November 18 webinar will discuss the findings and how to access the data, using tools and online resources such as Cottage Data2Go and the Population Health Learning Lab. To join the online event, RSVP to Leah Woolridge at

The Cottage Center for Population Health works to improve health and wellness, focusing on equity for the most vulnerable.

“Lifelong health begins outside the hospital, with wellness and prevention,” said Katy Bazylewicz, Vice President of Marketing and Population Health. “Our community partnerships focus on how to improve, protect and sustain mental health and wellbeing in the community.”

Current partnership programs for the Cottage Center for Population Health include the following:

  • Recuperative Care Program: providing medically vulnerable people with support and access to shelter.
  • Pediatric Resiliency Collaborative: connecting children and families with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to screening and resources.
  • Patient Resource Connect and Employee Resource Connect: offering resources for food, housing, transportation and mental health.
  • Behavioral Health Initiative and Behavioral Health Collaborative: addressing mental health and substance use needs through community partnerships and grants.
  • COVID-19 Collaborations: working with the community to respond to COVID-19 prevention and education needs.

The Cottage Center for Population Health serves as a hub for community organizations seeking to collaborate and create programs. Through shared technology and research, the center aims to help the community build healthy opportunities. For more information, visit

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