• Cottage Health Hospitals Safe for Care

Published on May 27, 2020

Cottage Health Hospitals Safe for Care

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Medical experts urge the community not to ignore symptoms or delay treatment

Cottage Health is committed to the safety of patients and staff. Many who are in need of medical attention may have postponed treatment since quarantine orders began two months ago. It is important not to ignore symptoms or wait for care when delaying treatment could cause adverse long-term health outcomes. Most patients at the hospitals are receiving treatment for conditions unrelated to COVID-19.

“Your health is essential. Cottage continues to be ready 24/7 to provide safe care for all of our patients,” said Dr. Brett Wilson, Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. “Medical conditions happen despite a pandemic. Please know that the same high level of care is still happening at Cottage, for every patient.”

Cottage Health has many precautions in place to protect patients and staff:

  • Pre-screening all patients entering the Emergency Department and using isolation precautions if symptoms are consistent with COVID-19.
  • Screening with temperature checks of physicians, staff, and anyone who enters the hospitals.
  • COVID-19 testing for every patient admitted to the hospital.
  • COVID testing for patients prior to a scheduled surgery or procedure.
  • Requiring face masks for staff and visitors upon entry, to be worn at all times in clinical areas and public areas.
  • Limiting visitors to help prevent exposure and maintain social distancing.
  • Using protective equipment based on infection control best practices.
  • Providing staff training and education on COVID-19 care and infection prevention.
  • Using specialized care units for patients with COVID-19, separate from those admitted for other conditions, with specific precautions and negative pressure airflow for infection prevention.
  • Designating and training staff to be dedicated specifically for COVID-19 care on the isolation units.
  • Using state-of-the-art disinfectant protocols including ultraviolet light filtration on air handlers, Xenex UV light robots for room cleaning, and routine monitoring of hand washing.

Visit our website to learn more about COVID-19 precautions and ongoing care at Cottage Health. Cottage hospitals remain safe places for the community to seek care when needed.

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Cottage Health is prepared to provide safe ongoing care in our community.

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Cottage's emergency rooms are open for all needs. Precautions have been taken to protect patients from exposure to COVID-19.

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