• CCH Outpatient Clinics Designated Special Care Centers

Published on May 01, 2013

CCH Outpatient Clinics Designated Special Care Centers 

In May 2013, Cottage Children's Hospital's three hospital-based outpatient clinics, in hematology-oncology, gastroenterology, and endocrinology were designated Special Care Centers (SCC) by the state of California. SCCs are comprised of multi-disciplinary, multi-specialty providers who evaluate the client's medical condition and develop a family-centered health care plan to facilitate the provision of timely, coordinated treatment.   

Among other things, this designation means that children with acute and chronic diseases specific to these three specialties will be able to receive comprehensive care at Cottage Children's Hospital instead of having to travel to SCC-designated facilities in Los Angeles and other areas for treatment. One of the SCC designation requirements is that multidisciplinary teams be available at the facility to treat children who qualify for the state program.

In addition to being more costly, having to send local children covered by California Children’s Services to out-of-the-area facilities meant that it was difficult for patients to get their needed care and follow-up. Continuity of care also potentially was disrupted as patients needing urgent follow-up did not have a local physician or facility readily available. 

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