• Cottage and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital ?Explore Partnership Opportunity for Subacute Service

Published on December 11, 2013

Cottage and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital 
Explore Partnership Opportunity for Subacute Service

Cottage Health System and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital, a member of Dignity Health are exploring a partnership opportunity to offer additional subacute residential beds and services at SJPVH in Camarillo.

The subacute facility at St. John’s recently expanded from 38 to 46 beds and would expand again by 26 to 50 additional beds to meet the needs of residents from Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital and elsewhere. 

The facility would provide an optimal living environment with easy access to outdoor space, onsite gardens and patios, and safe thoroughfares for residents and families to navigate the facility and grounds.

GVCH is currently being replaced to meet the newest seismic requirements for acute patient care.  When acute patients move into the new acute care hospital, state law prohibits the subacute unit from remaining in the existing hospital building.

CHS had originally planned to move the subacute unit to the fourth floor of the East Wing at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.  However, with the expansion opportunity at St. John’s and after carefully evaluating the needs of the subacute residents, currently numbering 30, Cottage decided to explore this alternative with superior living conditions for long-term residents.

“We are pleased to work with Cottage Health System on the opportunity to provide an expanded subacute facility for the region,” said Laurie Harting, CEO of St. John's Hospitals in Oxnard and Camarillo.

“St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital offers a far superior facility for subacute residents than can be provided at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital,” added Ron Werft, president and CEO of Cottage Health System.  “We are hopeful that a partnership agreement will be reached soon.”

Under the terms of the agreement, CHS would provide a capital donation to enable St. John’s to renovate and expand its facilities in accordance with state standards. St. John’s would accept all interested subacute residents currently served by GVCH.  The expanded unit at St. John’s would be available in early 2015.

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