Pediatric Trauma

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To contact Cottage Children's Medical Center, please call 805-682-7111 or ask your primary care provider for a referral.

When your child is critically ill or seriously injured, choose Cottage Children's Medical Center to get the best medical care on California’s Central Coast.

Cottage is a Level II (TWO) Pediatric Trauma Center, and home to a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), offering the highest level of trauma care between Los Angeles and the San Jose.

Verified Level II Pediatric Trauma Center

Our Level II Pediatric Trauma Center designation from Santa Barbara County Emergency Medical Services means your child receives access to:

You won’t find a Level II Pediatric Trauma Center anywhere else between Los Angeles and San Jose.

Traumatic Injuries

Children may experience traumatic injuries after a vehicle accident, sports collision, fall, natural disaster or abuse.

Traumatic injuries require immediate care because they threaten your child’s life, limbs or vital organs. As soon as your child arrives at Cottage Children's Medical Center, our doctors will diagnose the extent of injury and begin treatment.

As your child’s condition stabilizes, he or she may stay in our specially designated Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for ongoing treatment, observation and recovery.