Published on April 14, 2020

Guidelines on Donations of Food, Flowers and Sundry Items

Many individuals and organizations have generously offered support and encouragement to Cottage Health staff through contributions of food, flowers, candy and other items of comfort. Cottage Health has a steady supply of food for patients and employees, and that supply chain has not been compromised. To help ensure that these food and other perishable contributions can be safely delivered and used by staff, Cottage has established a central point of coordination for these deliveries. We will share this information with the community, but please note the following guidelines if calls come to your department directly:

For the safety of staff, patients and community members, Cottage hospitals will follow these guidelines:

  • Food donations may be scheduled by contacting Kate Greene at
  • The hospitals cannot accept any unscheduled deliveries at this time.
  • To ensure safe food handling, scheduled food donations will be accepted by Nutrition Services and distributed to employees in various departments on a rotating basis.
  • Prepackaged items and foods prepared in a commercially approved kitchen are welcome when delivered in sealed/closed containers and scheduled through Kate Greene.
  • Food produced in home kitchens or non-commercial settings cannot be accepted
  • Food deliveries can be accepted only as direct deliveries from the source kitchen or restaurant; food donations cannot be accepted via third-party delivery services or other individuals not affiliated with the business making the donation.
  • Crowd-sourced funding (e.g., GoFundMe) for food contributions to our hospitals is not endorsed by Cottage Health.
  • For safety reasons, flowers cannot be accepted.
  • Monetary donations to Cottage are welcome and appreciated. These may be made through the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Foundation and may be designated to the Cottage Emergency Response Fund. Contact Dave Dietrich at for more information.

The Medical Supply Donation Drop-Off Center continues to accept supplies in the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital parking lot: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Community members in the Santa Ynez Valley area can contact June Martin to arrange for pick up of medical supply donations to be sent to the Goleta collection center: or 805-691-9509. Donations of handmade masks are welcome and appreciated.

Cottage Health is fortunate to have the support and solidarity of our community, friends and neighbors. Cottage Health's Supply Chain department continues to make significant progress in medical supply inventory through fulfillment of orders, donations and partnerships for local engineering and manufacturing. Nutrition Services will be hosting special appreciation days with complimentary meals for staff on duty. Watch for more details on dates.

Medical Supply Donations

N95 Masks and Medical Supplies

Based on market supply availability and projected usage, Cottage anticipates supply challenges for protective equipment including: medical goggles, face shields, protective masks and gowns.


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