COVID-19 Update from Cottage Health

Below is a status update as of January 26, 2021.

  • Cottage Health is caring for a total of 324 patients across all campuses.

  • At Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital:
    226 are acute care patients; 5 acute care beds remain available.

  • Of the 226 acute care patients, 24 patients are on ventilators. 87 ventilators remain available (adult, pediatric and neonatal ventilators).

  • Of the 226 acute care patients, 92 are in isolation with COVID-19 symptoms; 85 are confirmed COVID-19 positive.

  • Of the 92 patients in isolation, 26 are in critical care.

  • SBCH adult critical care available capacity: 11.1%

  • From Jan 11-17
    5,335 COVID-19 laboratory tests were collected by Cottage Health. Results: 770 positive, 4,565

  • From Jan 18-24
    5,168 COVID-19 laboratory tests were collected by Cottage Health. Results: 594 positive, 4,440 negative, 134 pending

COVID-19 Daily Report - January 26, 2021

Available Acute Care Beds* In Use Available Total
Adult medical-surgical beds 181 - 181
Adult intensive care beds 45 5 50
226 5 231

Cottage Health (SBCH, GVCH, SYVCH): Potential Surge Capacity

  • 168 bed/cot spaces and 142 acute care beds, pending equipment and staffing
  • 90 of these beds currently have available equipment
  • 0 of these 142 currently have available staffing

SBCH Adult Critical Care Available Capacity: 5 beds (11.1)%

Ventilators In Use Available Total
Neonatal ventilators 1 12 13
Adult/ pediatric ventilators 23 75 98
24 87 111
Surge Plan--Current identified anesthesia machines for additional capacity 39
COVID-19, Confirmed/Suspected No Ventilator Ventilator Total
COVID-19, stable condition 66 - 66
COVID-19, critical condition 15 11 26
81 11 92
COVID-19, confirmed hospitalized patients** 85
Laboratory Tests*** 1/11/2021 - 1/17/2021 1/18/2021 - 1/24/2021
Total Samples Collected 5,335 5,168
COVID-19 Positive Result 770 594
COVID-19 Negative Result 4,565 4,440
Result Pending - 134
5,335 5,034
% of final results, positive 14.43% 11.80%

*Does not include Psychiatry or Rehabilitation

**Effective April 22, 2020, reporting guidelines by California Department of Public Health, modified "Confirmed Patients" to include only those with a positive laboratory test.

***Laboratory tests ordered and collected by Cottage. Laboratory results take up to four (4) days to result.

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