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  • Marie beats COVID-19 at Cottage Health

    In late March, 84-year-old Marie Celaya began having difficulty breathing. She was rushed to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, where she was diagnosed with COVID-19. After more than two weeks of an intense battle with the virus, Marie recovered and was able to go home -- leaving the hospital with cheers and encouragement from her care team at Cottage Health.

  • Healthy Coping During Isolation – Dr. Paul Erickson

    Cottage Health's Medical Director of Psychiatric and Addiction Services, Dr. Paul Erickson, talks about challenges people face during social distancing and isolation and healthy ways to cope.

  • Cottage Health's Emergency Rooms Open for All Needs

    Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Chief of Staff, Robin Malone, MD, discusses the precautions taken to ensure that all patients that come into the hospital are protected against exposure to COVID-19.

  • Santa Ynez Emergency Rooms Open for All Needs – Cottage Health

    Precautions have been taken to ensure that all patients should come to the Emergency Department if they have any concern about an emergency. Whether it be COVID related or not-COVID related, we are here to take care of our community.

  • Q-Tips #1 – Dinner Party

    Quarantine Tip #1 – Dinner Party. You can be social but at a distance. Set a time for dinner with friends or families, then video chat with each other over dinner. Talk about your day, and what you did.

  • Q-Tips #2 – Dance Party

    Quarantine Tips #2 – Dance Party. Go online and pull up some popular songs from your high school days and play them for your kids, but the real fun begins when you teach your kids some of the popular dances from back in the day.

  • Q-Tips #3 – Costume Show

    Quarantine Tips #3 – Costume Show. Let your kids get in your closet and choose something fun to wear for dress up day. It’ll break the quarantine routine, and you’ll have some fun and laughs along the way.

  • Q-Tips #4 – Game Night

    Quarantine Tips #4 – Game Night. You can break boredom with some of the old board games you might have forgotten about. Whether it’s charades, cards, or Monopoly, plan to have fun.

  • Q-Tips #5 – Virtual Walk with a Friend

    Quarantine Tips #5 – Virtual Walk with a Friend. Catch up with a loved one while you take a walk. Call to keep your connection alive and well, just at a distance for now. Remember to stay alert to your surroundings and walk safely.

  • Q-Tips #6 - Six-Foot Safety Zone

    Quarantine Tips #6 – The Six-Foot Safety Zone. If you're out of the house for work, exercise, or that essential errand, remember the Six-Foot Safety Zone. That's about the distance between the side-view mirrors on most cars. You can keep safe if you keep space.

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Managing Coronavirus Anxiety

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While COVID-19 should be taken seriously, there are ways to manage the anxieties and fears surrounding it.

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