Bill Werts, CRH Foundation Board Member & Grateful Patient

Bill Werts with wife, Alison, and grandson, WesleyBill Werts with wife, Alison, and grandson, Wesley

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“Every staff member at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital was dedicated to my healing.”

—Bill Werts

A few years ago, Bill was playing golf when his right foot began to shake uncontrollably. A neurosurgeon diagnosed him with metastasized lung cancer in his brain. Three days later a new complication was discovered – a lesion on his brain was bleeding and required immediate surgery.

Bill was in Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for a week and then transferred to Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH), where he continued to recover.

“The staff was totally committed to my healing and recovery with the goal to get me on my feet and walking again – which they did,” Bill said.

After two weeks at CRH, he was able to return home and continued to visit CRH for outpatient therapy three days a week for about a month.

“After I had my physical therapy sessions, I would walk through CRH and say hello to everyone who had helped me recover,” Bill said. “The therapists, nurses and doctors were very special and would go the extra mile to keep me challenging myself.”

Day by day, Bill kept getting stronger. While undergoing physical therapy at CRH, he thought a lot about how he could give back and make a meaningful difference for others going through a similar experience. Bill now volunteers his time as a member of the CRH Foundation Board.

“I am so pleased to have this opportunity to serve CRH,” Bill said. “I am proud of the many ways our foundation helps support patients and families in areas like spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, amputation, orthopedics and more. Some of my favorite community outreach programs are the Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp and the Empowerment Series.”