Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Foundation

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Tanya Gonzales, C.F.R.E.
Development Officer

Since 1988, the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Foundation has played a key role in promoting high-quality health care with a personal touch for the people in our community. We couldn’t do it without your gifts.

With the newly rebuilt Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, we have many reasons for thanks. The two-story hospital has more space for surgery and an Emergency Department that is twice as big as before. Our expanded Ridley-Tree Center for Wound Management is another point of pride.

Looking to the Future

While the rebuilding was needed to meet earthquake standards, our foundation’s leaders saw it as an opportunity. They rallied the community to raise more than $14 million for the $124 million project so the Goleta Valley would have a first-rate hospital for many years to come.

Now the foundation’s focus is on the hospital’s technology, family assistance fund and the Restorative Garden. Ensuring that GVCH will continue to have state-of-the-art medical technology is a major focus of the Foundation's priorities.

In addition, helping families facing financial crisis due to hospitalization or treatment is a new and compelling priority for the Foundation Trustees. Lastly, the Restorative Garden will enhance the healing environment at GVCH.

2019 Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Foundation Board

  • Jim Knight, Chair
  • Eric Seale, Vice Chair
  • Jean Smith, Treasurer
  • Peter Brown, Secretary
  • Kirsten Zimmer Deshler
  • Mark Ingalls
  • Jeffrey Kruthers
  • Donna Lewis, Ed.D.
  • John McFadden
  • Anne Pazier
  • Martin Plourd
  • Julio Soares, MD
  • Jack Turney
  • Tony Vallejo

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Charles Clouse holding a guitar

After his hip replacement, Charles no longer has the blues, but now he's able to travel to Memphis and play them.

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