Healing Arts Gifts & Sponsorships

"Every day, low-cost, high-impact arts programs are calming, soothing, uplifting, and restoring patients — reducing their suffering, empowering them to move forward, lifting the quality of their days, giving them solace, and supporting those who love them, care for them, and care about them."
- Annette Ridenour, president of Aesthetics, Inc.

The Healing Arts Program at Cottage Health is part of a worldwide movement in health care. Exposure to the arts has been shown to be an effective way to:

  • Enhance patient care
  • Ease stress for patients and guests
  • Raise staff satisfaction
  • Reduce use of pain medicine
  • Shorten hospital stays

Celebrating Local Art

As we designed Cottage Health’s new hospital buildings, we invited Central Coast artists to submit samples of their work and concepts. The experts of San Diego-based Aesthetics Inc. guided us along the way.

With your gifts and sponsorships, we will add more than 1,200 pieces of local artwork to our campuses in Goleta, Santa Barbara, and the Santa Ynez Valley. The pieces include sculpture, mixed media, glass, mosaics, fabric and photography. It is an unmatched local effort meant to both inspire the people at our hospitals and celebrate the Central Coast.

Beauty in Santa Barbara

The new Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital has been named one of the most beautiful in the country, thanks in part to its Healing Arts collection. Each floor of its new buildings has a common theme:

Pieces are placed throughout the hospital, including in patient rooms. The hospital’s Landmark Collection highlights 45 pieces as focal points. You will find these in the lobby, the gardens, on terraces, in elevator landings, waiting rooms and corridor niches.

A Great Time to Give

We need your support to complete Healing Arts plans in Goleta, Santa Barbara, and the Santa Ynez Valley. Gifts of any size are welcome. You can also sponsor pieces, with options starting at $25,000. Call Carla Long at 805-879-8980 to learn more.