Resident Physician House Staff Files Policy

POLICY #: 8240.04


To establish a protocol for house staff to review their own files.


1. Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital will allow residents to inspect their own evaluation files.

A) Availability of files: Residents may inspect their own files under supervision during the regular business hours of the Office of Medical, Surgical, and Radiological Education. Monthly rotation performance evaluations are available for residents to view online.

B) Former residents and resident currently in service or on authorized leave of absence may have access to their file. Applicants to the House Staff, designated agents or any other person are not permitted to see files.

C) A resident may inspect the following material from the file:

i) Application for residency

ii) Wage or salary information

iii) Notices of commendation, warning, or discipline

iv) Authorization for deduction or withholding of pay

v) Fringe benefit information

vi) Performance evaluations

D) Excluded from inspection:

i) Records relating to the investigation of possible criminal offenses

ii) Material being developed for use in criminal, civil, or grievance procedures

iii) Medical records

iv) Letters of reference may be inspected by the resident at the discretion of the Program Director

E) Files may not be removed from the office of Medical, Surgical, or Radiological education.

F) A counterstatement may be placed in the file if a resident disagrees with the material in the file.


RECOMMENDED BY: E. Wroblewski, M.D. (CMO) DATE: 11/14
APPROVED BY: E. Wroblewski, M.D. (CMO) DATE: 10/17, 1/21
DATE REVISED: 3/00, 4/01, 5/07
DATE REVIEWED: 5/07, 5/12, 11/14, 10/17, 1/21