Resident Physician Liability Coverage

POLICY #: 8240.01


Establish the malpractice liability coverage of residents in the graduate medical education program while in teaching rotations in and outside of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.


1. Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital will provide residents/fellows with professional liability coverage, including legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed during participation in ACGME-accredited programs, or after completion of the program(s) if the alleged acts or omissions of a resident/fellow are within the scope of the program(s). Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital will ensure that residents are provided with:

A) Official documentation of the details of their professional liability coverage before the start date of resident appointment; and,

B) Written advance notice of any substantial change to the details of their professional liability coverage.

2. Malpractice liability coverage shall be extended to residents while involved in training rotations outside of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Residents providing salaried or fee-for-service activities in other institutions shall not be extended liability coverage by Cottage Hospital since the activity is not part of the resident’s formal training. Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital shall not be liable or responsible for any insurance, compensation, or other costs, expenses, or liabilities of any kind, resulting or arising from resident moonlighting.

3. Procedure for Liability Coverage outside of Cottage Hospital:

A) The rotation is approved in writing by the respective medical education Program Director

B) The training is supervised by a physician on Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital’s medical staff unless a resident is on rotation at a hospital outside of Santa Barbara for specific clinical experience. In these cases, the training need not be supervised by a Cottage Hospital physician.


RECOMMENDED BY: E. Wroblewski, M.D. DATE: 2/14
APPROVED BY: E. Wroblewski M.D. DATE: 9/17, 1/21
DATE REVISED: 2/14, 1/21
DATE REVIEWED: 3/00, 4/01, 3/07, 1/12, 2/14, 1/21