Resident Promotion

POLICY #: 8240.11


To establish a process by which the promotion, appointment renewal, and dismissal of residents is delineated.


1) It is assumed that all categorical residents enter the residency with the intention, both by the program and by the resident, to complete that residency.

2) There is no pyramid nor competition for positions at the next level of training within any of the programs in this institution.

3) Each ACGME-accredited program is required to determine the criteria for promotion and/or renewal of a resident’s appointment.

4) It is understood that each resident who meets the criteria of a program for promotion as judged by the Program Director (with the counsel of the Education Advisory Committee of that program) will be offered a position at the next level of training.

5) Programs will provide a resident with a written notice of intent when that resident’s agreement will not be renewed, when that resident will not be promoted to the next level of training, or when that resident will be dismissed.

A) The non-renewal of an agreement of appointment by any Program requires a written notice of intent a) no later than 4 months prior to the end of the resident’s current agreement; or b) when the primary reason(s) for non-renewal occurs within those four months, as much notice as is feasible.

6) Residents who do not meet these criteria will be notified in a timely manner and may implement the process outlined in the Resident Grievance Procedure for Appeal of a Corrective Action Policy 8240.23.

7) Residents who do not meet the competency criteria for promotion or completion of training may be offered remedial training at the discretion of the Program Director/Education Advisory Committee.


RECOMMENDED BY: A.Gersoff, M.D. DATE: 5/14
APPROVED BY: E. Wroblewski, M.D DATE: 9/17, 1/21
DATE REVIEWED: 3/07, 1/12, 5/14, 9/17, 1/21