Professional Practice Model for Nursing

Cottage Health Nursing

The Professional Practice Model (PPM) is an important symbol of the nursing care Cottage Health provides. Simply put, it shows that nursing is a unique blend of art and science and represents:

  • Our foundation is based on our core values of Excellence, Integrity and Compassion
  • We stand for Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Caring and Compassion for the patient and family is at the heart of what we do
  • We are guided by Research and Evidence-Based Practice to promote Quality and Safety
  • Our Knowledge and collective Vision drives our professional practice and benefits the Community through Wellness and Prevention

Outcome Statement = Nursing is a Blend of Art and Science

Cottage Health Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

To provide superior health care for and improve the health of our communities through a commitment to our core values of excellence, integrity, and compassion.

Vision Statement

Cottage Health, through partnership with physicians and our communities, is recognized as a California leader in quality care, safety, patient experience, transparency, cost effectiveness, and community health.

Core Values

Excellence — What we do
Integrity — How we do it
Compassion — Why we do it

Nursing Careers at Cottage

Cottage Health Nurses

For more information about career opportunities at Cottage Health, please contact Cottage Health Human Resources at (805) 879-8799.

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