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For more information regarding Acute Care Transition Nurse career opportunities and eligibility requirements, call 805-879-8799.

The Cottage Health Acute Care Transition Training Program supports non-acute care RNs transition into the acute care environment. In order to make the transition into safe practice “ is essential that during the transitional period, either back into practice or into a new practice area, the nurse seek and receive appropriate orientation, direction, supervision, consultation and collaboration.” (Texas Board of Nursing, 2006).

The foundation of this program consists of simulation and task training, reflection and debrief- ing and clinical orientation with a preceptor. In alignment with CH’s commitment to nursing excellence the CH Acute Care Nurse Training Program provides an environment that supports a successful role transition for these nurses.

Professional Topics:

  • Scope of practice
  • Professional practice
  • Organization and prioritization
  • Nurse-physician collaboration
  • Delegation
  • Critical thinking
  • Risk management
  • Inter-professional collaboration

Transitional Topics:

  • Novice to advanced beginner role transition
  • Goal setting
  • Reflective thinking to improve clinical practice
  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Reality shock and adaptation
  • Compassion fatigue

Simulations and Task Training:

  • Medication safety
  • IV insertion/use of intravenous infusion pump
  • Central venous catheter blood draws/flushes/dressing changes
  • Patient assessment
  • Pain management
  • Patient controlled analgesia and epidural infusion device
  • Rapid response simulation
  • Emergency management and Code Blue/AED simulation
  • Pleural chest tube care
  • Blood transfusion therapy
  • Cottage Health resource utilization
  • Documentation
  • Policy and procedure review

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