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The Cottage Center for Population Health works to improve health and wellness,
focusing on equity for the most vulnerable — in our hospitals and in the community.

Forward Focus

Partnerships Enhance Our Impact

Whether you work on the front lines of health, are involved in the community, or are a local citizen concerned about the health of our region, we want to hear from you. Email:

Lifelong health begins outside the hospital, with wellness and prevention. Cottage Center for Population Health focuses on community partnerships to improve, protect and sustain:

  • Mental health and wellbeing in the community
  • Health and wellness of children and youth
  • Health and wellness of people without steady access
    to housing, food and transportation

Collaborations for Healthier Communities

Our collaborations and partnerships bring together the expertise and impact of community-based organizations, local agencies, providers, community members, funders, and public health professionals. Current partnership programs include:

Cottage Health Learning Lab - Evaluation ToolkitThink Outside the Hospital

If a child with asthma lives next to a freeway, is hospitalized for respiratory illness, and then returns to the same living conditions — the child will be back again and again. Caring for the child means looking at the whole picture and connecting the family with resources that will promote health.

Community Vision

Shared technology and research helps our community build healthy opportunities. The Cottage Center for Population Health is a hub for community organizations seeking to collaborate and create programs.

  • Knowledge
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Data Collection

  • Community Engagement

  • Applied Research

  • Staff Expertise: physician leadership, nursing, epidemiology, evaluation, social work, community navigation, program planning, communication and public health

  • Resources
  • Evaluation Support
  • Grant Funding

  • Technology and Digital Health Tools

  • Education and Training

Meet the Team

Cottage Population Health’s team works across sectors to transform health outcomes through our values of excellence, integrity, and compassion.


Connect With Pop Health

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We want to hear from you -- our community leaders! E-mail the Population Health team at:, or to be added to our mailing list please fill out this brief form.

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Buffering Services Grants

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Learn more about a new grant opportunity to address Adverse Childhood Experiences and toxic stress.

Application Info

Cottage Data2Go

Cottage Health Data2Go

Cottage Data2Go maps Cottage Health’s Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) data, census data and other publicly available data for factors that influence health outcomes. The tool provides a view of the specific health needs by demographics, geography and health outcome or influencer.

Cottage Data2Go

Partnerships In Care

Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation Video

Learn about Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation’s (SB ACT) work at Harding University Partnership School as part of the Cottage Behavioral Health Initiative.

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The Lifetime Effects of A.C.E.'s

Nationally recognized pediatrician and child advocate Nadine Burke Harris, MD

Nationally recognized pediatrician and child advocate Nadine Burke Harris, MD, presents research on the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (A.C.E.'s).

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