Population Health Initiatives

Population Health programs: working with the population, measurable outcomes, and partnerships

Cottage Population Health is designed to improve the health outcomes of all of our communities, with a focus on increasing health equity. To do this, we develop multi-sectoral partnerships to identify health and well-being needs and implement potential solutions that result in meaningful change. Our collaborations and partnerships bring together the expertise and impact of community-based organizations, local agencies, providers, community members, funders, and public health professionals.

Guided by the needs and voices of the community through the Community Health Needs Assessment, our initiatives focus on collaborations and programs to impact the health of the most vulnerable populations, those that experience health inequities due to factors such as income level, age, race, gender and/or sexual orientation.


Population health improvement efforts are most successful with structured collaboration. Working together, Population Health connects with communities being served and builds and maintains multi-sectoral partnerships.


Evidence-based interventions provide the greatest likelihood that investments will affect population health change. Programs address health disparities across all activities.

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Learn about the challenges facing populations in Santa Barbara County and the implications that they have on public health.

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