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For more than 30 years, Cottage Health has been providing grants to community-based organizations, totaling more than $13 million in funding to improve the health of our community.

The Community Partnership Grants program is committed to funding efforts that address community needs through evidence-based interventions. Guided by community input collected during Cottage Health’s Community Health Needs Assessment and Listening Tour, the Behavioral Health Initiative provides grants and support to organizations focused on increasing access to and use of behavioral health services.

Since 2017, the Community Partnership Grants have taken an initiative-level focus on behavioral health. Designed to lead toward a collective impact approach, the initiative supports deeper collaboration among community organizations and creates alignment of efforts toward addressing shared goals and outcomes.

Additionally, Cottage Health conducted an environmental scan of Santa Barbara County’s health and health-related nonprofits that revealed opportunities to support organizations in increasing access and addressing barriers to utilizing behavioral health services, which include mental health and substance use.

2021-2022 Behavioral Health Initiative Grants

Cottage Health is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Community Partnership Grants Behavioral Health Initiative. The purpose of these grants is to ensure children and youth, and their families, have improved behavioral health outcomes and quality of life in south and mid-Santa Barbara County.

This multi-year grant opportunity includes an emphasis on health equity and fosters collaboration with organizations and partners to implement each of these three key strategies:

  1. Increase access to behavioral health services;
  2. Reduce barriers to accessing and utilizing behavioral health services through policy and systems change efforts; and
  3. Reduce the rates of behavioral health needs through prevention efforts.

How To Apply

To learn more about the grants and how to apply, download the full Request for Proposals and application.

Application Workshop

An application workshop was held on Thursday, September 10, 2020. View the workshop slides and recording:

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance for evaluation planning is available to applicants through October 5, 2020. To sign-up, e-mail Leah Wooldridge at with a list of the times when you are available for a 30-minute phone meeting. Please plan to include program staff on the call.

Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

2020 Behavioral Health Initiative Grant Recipients and Programs

  • Carpinteria Children’s Project - Carpinteria Adverse Childhood Experiences Screening and Intervention
  • Child Abuse Listening Mediation - Santa Barbara Resiliency Project
  • Doctors Without Walls - Santa Barbara Street Medicine - Wrap Around Care Program
  • Family Service Agency - Secondary School-Based Mental Health
  • Golden Inn and Village - Holistic Wellness Program
  • Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara - Supportive Services Program
  • New Beginnings Counseling Center - Telemental Health Services Collaboration
  • Pacific Pride Foundation - Counseling at Pacific Pride
  • PathPoint - The Residential Support Services Counseling Center
  • Sanctuary Centers - The Integrated Care Clinic
  • Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation - Westside Health Collaborative
  • Welcome Every Baby – Family Connects
  • Santa Barbara Education Foundation - The Academy for Success
  • What is Love
  • Storyteller Children’s Center - Behavioral Health Services for Homeless Preschool Children and Families
  • Youthwell Coalition - Youth Resource and Referral Project

The 2020 Community Partnership Grants Behavioral Health Initiative supports the expansion and enhancement of existing behavioral health programs or services through integration of these programs or services into new settings, such as schools, primary care, etc.

As part of the initiative-level approach, grantees partner with one or more community organizations for their program or service. Grantees receive evaluation support through workshops, peer-learning, and one-on-one technical assistance, all of which is intended to foster collaboration and alignment of goals and outcomes.

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