COVID-19 Collaborations

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Additional Resources

For additional resources, visit Cottage Health’s COVID-19 Resources and Information.

COVID-19 Resources

Cottage Population Health is partnering with community-based organizations and agencies to provide medically accurate and culturally acceptable COVID-19 prevention, training, resources, and tools to the communities most impacted by COVID-19 in Santa Barbara County.

Current Population Health responses are addressing COVID-19 needs across current initiatives as well as new activities to support vulnerable communities, including the following:

  • Partnering with trusted local leaders and community health workers to support liaisons to vulnerable communities and provide prevention information, education, and referral resources.
  • Equipping patients with positive COVID-19 tests and/or suspected cases of COVID-19 with a thermometer, pulse oximeter, and educational materials on self-monitoring and self-isolation practices. Patients also receive a follow-up call from a nurse to answer any questions.
  • Supporting the development of culturally appropriate prevention materials and awareness campaigns.

COVID-19 Training

COVID-19 Training

Taught by infectious disease physicians and Cottage Health’s Infection Control experts, this training describes the symptoms of the virus, how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and how to teach your community to stay safe and get connected to resources.

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SAFE Food Net Sites

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Foodbank Santa Barbara County is hosting additional food distributions in order to meet the growing need in the community caused by COVID-19.

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