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The Pediatric Resiliency Collaborative (PeRC) is a community partnership focused on expanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) screening and referral services to all pediatric clinics in Santa Barbara County and linking providers to relevant community systems. The partnership also seeks to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and alignment of efforts.

PeRC is convened by Cottage Health and key partners include:

PeRC’s vision is to build healthier families and communities by promoting trauma-informed [medical] care, supporting family resilience, and addressing ACEs in Santa Barbara County. ACEs are defined as stressful or traumatic experiences occurring before the age of 18, such as abuse, neglect, substance use, divorce, and/or domestic violence.

Key approaches for the collaborative include:

Pediatric Resiliency Collaborative key approaches

  • Pediatric Clinic Support – serve as an information hub and resource for the full community of pediatricians interested in ACEs screening.
  • Perinatal Interventions – design and implement educational interventions in the perinatal setting related to ACEs and toxic stress.
  • Education and Awareness – provide education and raise awareness to the broader pediatrician community in Santa Barbara County on ACEs and toxic stress, new Medi-Cal requirements, and technical assistance.
  • Community Coordination – coordinate strategies and activities with other community-based organizations and networks.
  • Fundraising – monitor, identify and pursue funding opportunities.
  • Policy – advocate to state policymakers and insurance providers to sustain the program with ongoing reimbursement strategies.

PeRC Support for Clinics

PeRC supports clinics with technical assistance and training to implement ACEs screening. PeRC also provides critical staffing and supports to ensure that patients and families screening positive are connected to high quality resources.

The project activities include the following:

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To learn more about how your clinic can participate, please contact:

Ama Atiedu
PeRC Program Manager
Cottage Health
Phone: 805-832-3239

Andria Barnes Ruth, M.D.
Co-chair, Pediatric Resiliency Collaborative
Sansum Clinic
Phone: (805) 617-7878

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