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Connecting Communities to Health

Great work is being done every day by community organizations, schools, government agencies, faith-based organizations and employers throughout Santa Barbara County to improve the health outcomes of local residents.

This Learning Lab provides resources and tools to support this work and bring a collaborative, population health approach. We know that improving the health of our community will take the work of many, and we believe that supporting one of our greatest existing resources, our community-based organizations, is critical to that success.

Resources and Tools

Building towards a vision of a healthy community, local organizations and agencies can use the following resources and tools to assess community needs, strengthen programs, adopt promising practices, and work in closer alignment with other organizations to achieve common goals.

Cottage Health Learning Lab - Data2GoCottage Data2Go

Cottage Data2Go maps Cottage Health’s 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) data, census data and other publicly available data for factors that influence health outcomes.

The tool provides a view of the specific health needs by demographics (population type), geography (down to census tract) and health outcome or influencer (including social factors).

Cottage Data2Go

Cottage Data2Go Overview and Tutorial

Cottage Health Learning Lab - Evaluation ToolkitEvaluation Toolkit

During the 2016 Listening Tour, participants throughout the community voiced a desire for collaboration that takes a proactive approach and acknowledges our shared challenges and opportunities in working together toward common outcomes.

The Cottage Health Evaluation Toolkit supports community programs and collaborations in working toward a population health approach. The Toolkit provides a step-by-step guide for understanding your program’s impact, how you define success, and ways to measure it.

Evaluation Toolkit

Evaluation Toolkit Introduction

2016 Cottage Health Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)Community Health Needs Assessment

In community work, data drives decision making. Valid, accurate, reliable and timely data is essential to the development of community programs that address high priority health needs.

In 2016, Population Health engaged in an intensive, tri-annual data collection process that included the collection of quantitative and qualitative data on the health needs and strengths of our community.

Cottage Health conducted approximately 2,500 telephone surveys with community members to understand the well-being of Santa Barbara County’s residents and selected social determinants of their health.

2016 Cottage Health Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

Cottage Health Learning Lab - Listening TourListening Tour

We believe in starting with listening -- to those who work on the front lines of health, and to our community partners who have insight into the health needs of specific areas in our communities. As part of the 2016 CHNA, we conducted listening tours and talked with individuals and families through schools, nonprofits and telephone surveys.

The data we collected allowed us to help identify and prioritize the most important health concerns in specific areas, partner with appropriate nonprofits who share that vision, and implement plans that will have the greatest impact.

Cottage Listening Tour


We want to hear from you -- our community leaders! Your feedback on the tools and resources that you find on this page is not only an important part of our continuous improvement process, but also helps to create the best possible resources for you and others seeking to build a healthier community. E-mail the Population Health team at: listenpophealth@sbch.org, or to be added to our mailing list please fill out this brief form

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Population Health Listening Tour

Cottage Population Health Video - Santa Barbara

Learn about the challenges facing populations in Santa Barbara County and the implications that they have on public health.

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We want to hear from you -- our community leaders! E-mail the Population Health team at: listenpophealth@sbch.org, or to be added to our mailing list please fill out this brief form.

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Listening Tour Findings

View a brief summary of key findings from the Cottage Population Health Listening Tour.

View Listening Tour Key Findings

Listening Tour Survey

The results from this survey helped Cottage Health prioritize the health indicators highlighted in the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report.

View Listening Tour Survey Results