Meet the Population Health Team

The Cottage Center for Population Health’s team works across sectors to transform health outcomes through our values of excellence, integrity, and compassion.

  • Kathryn (Katy) Bazylewicz
    Vice President of Marketing and Population Health
  • Cara Silva
    Director of Population Health
  • Monica Ray
    Population Health Strategic Development Manager
  • Ama Atiedu
    Population Health Program and Evaluation Manager
  • Jan Ingram
    Manager of Parish Nursing
  • Salvador (Sal) Robledo
    Population Health Community Services Manager
  • Amelia Reese Masterson
    Population Health Evaluator
  • Fiona Asigbee
    Population Health Epidemiologist
  • Rebecca (Becky) Santana
    Community Health Navigator
  • Maggi Pak-Greeley
    Community Nurse
  • Emily Hogan
    Community Nurse
  • Cathy Molkoy
    Parish Nurse
  • Claudia Wood
    Parish Nurse
  • Elly Walters-Bible
    Parish Nurse
  • Jan Fadden
    Parish Nurse
  • Patricia (Patty) Long
    Parish Nurse
  • Sandra (Sandy) Gullet
    Parish Nurse
  • Diana Wollert
    Administrative Assistant, Parish Nursing
  • Leah Wooldridge
    Administrative Assistant, Population Health and Marketing
  • Birgit Gutscher
    Senior Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Marketing and Population Health

Population Health Board Committee

The Cottage Health Board of Directors provides guidance for the Cottage Center for Population Health’s direction and plans through the Population Health Board Committee. The following members serve as ambassadors for Population Health approaches, resources available, and community collaborations.

  • Dorothy Largay, PhD, Chair
  • Katy Bazylewicz
  • Susan Christol-Deacon
  • Jon Clark
  • David Dietrich
  • Pamela Gann
  • Robin Malone, MD
  • Nancy Nielsen
  • Steve Ortiz
  • Ernesto Paredes
  • Ginger Salazar
  • Mark Scott, MD
  • Bhupi Singh 
  • Ron Werft
  • Cara Williams
  • Ed Wroblewski, MD
  • Steven Zola

Population Health Listening Tour

Cottage Population Health Video - Santa Barbara

Learn about the challenges facing populations in Santa Barbara County and the implications that they have on public health.

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