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Data Use Committee

Projects and Data Requests

Projects and requests for data begin at the Data Use Committee. Investigators should complete a Pre-Assessment Tool (PAT) and submit it via email to to be reviewed by the DUC.

Data Use Committee Purpose

  • To prescreen data requests and potential research projects in order to classify the purpose/scope of the project and identify regulatory considerations, such as HIPAA requirements;
  • To route a Pre-Assessment Tool through upper management so that a request’s institutional suitability can be assessed, as well as the type of support required.

Application Procedure

Internal Requests (Cottage Employees and Staff):

  1. Meet with your director to determine the quality and feasibility of the study.
  2. For protocol development assistance and statistical considerations, contact Jeanne Li - (805) 324-9245 ext. 59245,
  3. Additional meetings may be necessary, depending upon the scope of the study, to determine what steps are necessary to begin the research (e.g. which departments will be involved, staff requirements, access to data needed, etc.).
  4. Submit the completed Pre-Assessment Tool for review by the Data Use Committee (DUC). You may email the completed PAT to
  5. Attend DUC meeting to answer questions.
  6. After DUC meeting, PAT will be routed for approval by Administration, as needed.
  7. Depending upon the scope of the project, you will either receive written notification that the DUC review is complete; be asked to provided additional documents; or receive IRB application materials.

External Requests (Non-Cottage Employees):

  1. Non-Cottage Employees, complete items #4 – 7 above.

Data Use Committee Instructions

By routing a Pre-Assessment Tool (PAT) through upper management, institutional suitability can be assessed, as well as the type of support required. The DUC works in conjunction with, and on behalf of, the IRB on regulatory matters involving HIPAA and research exemptions.

How and When to Complete a Pre-Assessment Tool

Pre-Assessment Tool

The information presented in the self-assessment tool will be reviewed and evaluated by the Data Use Committee (DUC) to determine the scope of the project (e.g. research, QI, EBP) and to ensure that all HIPAA and Privacy regulations are in place prior any collection of data.

Download the Pre-Assessment Tool

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