Cancer Committee & Data Center

Cancer Committee

The Cancer Committee consists of representatives from medical and radiation oncology as well as other specialties, including pathology, diagnostic radiology, surgery, urology, gynecology, and pain management. Also on the committee are non-physician representatives from hospital administration, the Cancer Data Center, oncology nursing, quality improvement, and social services.

The Cancer Committee is charged with several responsibilities, including promoting and coordinating educational conferences, providing a system for quality of care evaluation, and encouraging the medical staff to utilize the data collected in the Cancer Data Center.

Cancer Data Center

The purpose of the Center is to collect, manage, and analyze the hospital’s cancer experience, in addition to supplying data for special audits, studies and administration planning.

The cancer database includes in each case: patient demographics, primary site, histology, predisposing factors, and collaborative staging. It also includes American Joint Commission on Cancer staging, first course of therapy, disease recurrence, subsequent therapy, and a lifetime of follow-up.

The Cancer Data Center is mandated by law to submit cancer data to the California Cancer Registry. The data is also submitted to the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as part of a nationwide effort to collect information for the National Cancer Data Base. Through these means, cancer data provides national statistics for incidence reporting and research.

Cancer Program Report

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