Helmet Safety

Helmet Distribution Program

Please ask us about our low cost helmet distribution program. We offer helmets for little to no cost for those in need. Contact Lauren Sutherlin, BSN, RN, at 805-569-7521 or Molly Hawkins, MSN, RN at 805-569-7478 for more information.

California law requires that children under age 18 wear helmets each time they ride a bicycle, use a skateboard, inline skates, roller skates or scooter.

In choosing a proper helmet, the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute recommends looking for one that is manufacturer-certified to meet both the CPSC bicycle helmet standard and the ASTM F1492 skateboard helmet standard.

For skateboard use, look for the ASTM F1492 sticker inside the helmet in addition to any CPSC sticker it may have.

A properly fitting helmet fits snugly and:

  • Is worn flat on your head with the bottom edge parallel to the ground
  • Sits low on the forehead
  • Has side straps that form a “V” shape around each ear
  • Has a buckle that fastens tightly (with room to put only two fingers between the strap and your chin)
  • Has pads inside that you install or remove so the helmet fits snugly
  • Does not move in any direction when you shake your head
  • Does not interfere with your movement, vision or hearing

Replace your helmet when it is damaged, outgrown or at least every five years.