Organizational Consulting Services

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To schedule an appointment, call Stephanie Molina at 805-569-7808. If she does not answer you are welcome to leave a confidential voicemail. If you prefer, you may email her confidentially at

In addition to individual counseling, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a wide variety of consultation services to all members of Cottage Health leadership.

The EAP consulting services are based on the principles of organizational psychology and behavior. Services are designed to restore or enhance the functioning of employees in their jobs and on teams they belong to.

All EAP consultation services, like our counseling services, are offered free of charge and on a confidential basis.

Services Offered

Services are designed to address the following problems faced by leadership groups and teams, including:

  • Psychological symptoms or behavioral problems
  • Impairment due to substance abuse
  • Interpersonal conflict among team members
  • Employee or patient safety concerns
  • Impacts of organizational change
  • Critical or traumatic incidents
  • Breakdowns in respect, trust and/or civility
  • Problematic communication

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