Cottage Health Preferred Providers

While the Employee Assistance Program does not provide long-term treatment, we can provide you with referrals to Cottage’s Employee Counseling Services or local providers who do.

We are acquainted with many qualified therapists and clinical programs in the Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, including ones covered by your mental health insurance plan, and can often refer you to providers with specific expertise to meet on your needs.

Telehealth Behavioral Health Services

Telehealth behavioral health care services are a safe and convenient way for clients to receive care without leaving the comfort of home. Using your computer or mobile device, you can connect with your chosen provider using a video conferencing app.

Your provider will take care of selecting the appropriate app and then electronically invite you to your meeting at the scheduled time. If you prefer, many providers will connect with you over the phone instead of a video conference.

Most providers listed below offer telehealth services. Please contact them directly for details on how you may connect with them. Providers not currently offering telehealth services are denoted with an asterisk (*).

Psychiatrists with Cottage Health Listings Consultation Co-Pay Website or Phone
Life Stance (psychiatrists and therapists)
Malaty, Adham $20 713-940-7674
Ng, Joann $20 Professional Website
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Therapy Co-Pay Website
Blatter, Jo-Anne $20 Professional Website
Rorty, Max $20 Professional Website
Licensed Marriage Family Therapists Therapy Co-Pay Website or Phone
Brevier, Allison $20 Professional Website
Brown, Megan $20 Professional Website
Carroll, Felicia $20 Professional Website
Flores, Eric* $20 Professional Website
Hermann, Amy $20 Professional Website
Kuklinsky, Carla $20 Professional Website
Lindstrom, Sonja $20 Professional Website
Madrigal, Socorro $20

Professional Website

Metzenberg, Catherine $20 Professional Website
Pawlowicz, Stephanie $20 Professional Website
Pulipati, Deepa $20 Professional Website
Stadler, Lynn $20 805-962-9992
Stave, Maria $20 Professional Website
Thomason, Susan $20 805-680-7686
Ulrich, Lisa $20 805-403-0327
Psychologists with Cottage Health Listings Therapy Co-Pay Website of Phone
Eng, Jo Ellen $20 Professional Website
Given, Dean $20 Professional Website
Janoff, Dean $20 Professional Website
Lepkowsky, Charles $20 Professional Website
McGarr, Adina $20 Professional Website
Plummer, Elizabeth $20 Professional Website
Primeau, Carol $20 Professional Website
Rapp, Sharon $20 Professional Website
Rotnofsky, Jaime $20 Professional Website
Schiller, Deborah $20 Professional Website
Schroeder, Gerald $20 Professional Website
Wax, Susan $20 805-965-5040

Finding Blue Shield Behavioral Health Providers

Effective January 1, 2021, the Cottage Health Medical Plan no longer offers Anthem as its wrap network. We have switched to the Blue Shield of California network. Here are the details about how to find Blue Shield behavioral/mental health providers.

Cottage Health employees, who are covered by our health insurance, can access quite a few other behavioral healthcare providers in the Santa Barbara area and across all of California through the Blue Shield Provider Search website. Once you enter this website select the Mental Health icon and follow the prompts. This site provides a variety of different features that allow you to narrow your search to make it easier to find the providers you need. It takes just a little practice to familiarize yourself with all of the options.

If you prefer, you can call MyQHealth Care Coordinators by Quantum Health at 1-888-516-1511 or visit The Care Coordinators are a free resource that gives you access to a team of dedicated health care advocates that can help you find a behavioral health provider. Also, they can provide you with personalized support and guidance anytime you need help with medical claims, health benefits, finding a medical provider and much more, at no additional cost to you.

To learn more about what you need to know for the 2021 plan year please view this pdf.

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