What to Expect After Surgery

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If you have any questions, please contact Karen Secore, Nurse Navigator for the Cottage Epilepsy Center at: 805-832-3633

After surgery, patients are followed very closely by the medical and surgical team.

It is important that you tell the physician or nurse if there have been any problems functioning in everyday life, or if you have trouble coping with a life without epilepsy. These are very important concerns and our team can help.

Patients often will have follow up neuropsychological testing in approximately six to twelve months to identify any cognitive concerns and recommend further follow up.

Patients will remain on medication initially and will be gradually tapered off of medications when appropriate. It is important to remember that it took many years to develop difficult-to-treat epilepsy, and it will take time to recover as well.

Support Group and Resources

Cottage Epilepsy Center offers a support group for patients and their families to discuss issues related to the condition and the affect that it has on the patient and family unit. It is also a forum to learn from staff and other patients that have gone through similar experiences.

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