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Cardiac Catheterization

Put Your Heart in the Right Place

Get help for your heart or peripheral vascular condition, and find out how you can manage your heart health. Talk with the cardiac specialists at Cottage Health. Call our heart and vascular care center at 1-844-51-HEART.

Cardiac catheterization—an advanced, minimally invasive procedure available at Cottage Health on California’s Central Coast—helps assess the function of the heart and its surrounding arteries.

Comprehensive Heart Evaluation

Cardiac catheterization uses a tiny, thin tube (catheter) guided by X-ray imaging to aid your doctor in visualizing various cardiac conditions and evaluating appropriate treatment options. Your comprehensive heart evaluation may include assessment of:
•    Blood pressure within the heart and lungs
•    Enlarged heart
•    Narrowing or clogged arteries in the heart
•    Performance and function of heart valves and chambers
•    Possible heart defects

What to Expect

During cardiac catheterization at Cottage Health, X-ray imaging helps your doctor guide a catheter to your coronary arteries through an artery or vein in the arm (radial access) or leg (femoral access). Then, the test increases the amount of blood sent to your coronary arteries to examine blood flow and blood pressure in your heart chambers.

How to Prepare

Your doctor will let you know how long you need to refrain from eating or drinking before your test (usually six to 12 hours). Also, be sure to let your doctor know all your current medications, as you may need to stop some of them before your test.

Meet Our Heart & Vascular Doctors

The Heart and Vascular Center at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital is a nationally recognized regional destination for cardiovascular expertise and medical management of complex heart and vascular conditions.

The Meet the Doctors seminars give you an opportunity to learn about conditions of the heart and the latest treatment options. The healthy conversations include a 45-minute presentation by a physician, followed by ample time for questions.

The session is free. Please register in advance by calling us at 1-844-51-HEART.