Electrophysiology Studies

Put Your Heart in the Right Place

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Abnormal heart rhythms—also known as arrhythmias—may benefit from evaluation through an electrophysiology (EP) study at Cottage Health. EP studies assess the electrical pathways and electrical activity in the heart.

Cardiac Mapping

An EP study produces a comprehensive picture of your heart—a cardiac map. Performed in the electrophysiology lab of the Cardiac Cath Lab Suite at Cottage Health, the study helps diagnose arrhythmias by precisely locating areas in the heart that interrupt its normal electrical system.

During an EP study, one of our extensively trained physicians who specialize in cardiac electrophysiology inserts a thin, flexible tube (catheter) through your blood vessel and into your heart to record electrical signals and disruptions. A special video screen lets your doctor watch the catheters while they’re in your body.

Comprehensive EP Evaluation

Following an EP study, your physician will recommend the best treatment for your specific situation. Beginning with the most conservative approach, your options may include:

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