Preparing for Your Imaging or Radiology Procedure

Certain procedures require a specific patient preparation to produce quality images. Please follow the preparation instruction of your procedure

Please remember to bring previous MRI, CT, or X-ray films.
Exams with IV contrast require Creatinine / BUN results within last 90 days for:

  • Patients 60 years or older
  • Patients with a history of renal disease
  • Patients with a history of diabetes mellitus
  • Patients with a history of multiple myeloma

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Patients with pacemakers or certain brain aneurysm clips cannot be scanned.
  • If you have metal or prostheses elsewhere in your body, notify us at the time of scheduling.
  • Please notify us if you are pregnant.


  • For scans with IV Contrast: Do not eat for 6 hours prior to exam.
  • Call for preparation instructions if a patient is diabetic, or referred for calcium scoring, CT Coronary Calcium Score.
  • Abdominal and pelvis CT scans may require that you drink oral contrast material prior to your exam. Contrast and instructions may be obtained from Cottage Center for Advanced Imaging or your physician.

Ultrasound (US)

  • Abdomen, aorta, liver, gallbladder, spleen: do not eat or drink for at least 6 hrs prior to exam.
  • Renal (kidneys): drink two 8 oz. glasses of water at least 1 hour prior to exam.
  • Pelvis, adnexa, appendix, uterus, ovaries, and pregnancy: Drink 32 oz. of water at least 1 hour prior to exam and do not empty bladder.

Symptom Checker

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