Brain & Spinal Tumor Treatments

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To find out more about neuroscience care and treatment at the Cottage Health's Neuroscience Institute (SBNI), or to request an appointment, please call our neuroscience care center at 1-844-282-7246.

At the Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute at Cottage Health, you’ll find some of the most advanced tools and techniques available to treat brain and spine tumors.

Computer-Assisted Neurosurgery

During a brain or spine operation, your surgeon may use a computer, video screen and detailed images to precisely guide tiny instruments through very small incisions. This minimally invasive approach reduces blood loss and speeds your recovery.

Intraoperative MRI

By using powerful magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the operating room, your surgeon can clearly distinguish healthy tissue from tumors. That means your surgeon removes as much of the abnormal growth as possible while sparing the greatest amount of healthy tissue.

Awake Brain Surgery

During some operations, your surgical team needs to check your ability to speak to make sure the surgeon doesn’t affect parts of your brain that control speech. You’ll stay awake during the procedure but will receive local anesthesia to prevent pain and a sedative to help you relax.


In a minimally invasive neuroendoscopy, your surgeon removes a brain or skull tumor through a small hole in the skull or through your mouth or nose. To access your tumor, the surgeon uses miniature surgical tools attached to an endoscope—a tiny, telescope-like device with a video camera. This procedure reduces pain, scarring and recovery time.

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