Cal-Neuro Network

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For more information about the Cal-Neuro Network, call 1-805-682-7111 Ext. 82008, or email

No matter where in California you live, the Cal-Neuro Network helps you get quick care for brain and blood vessel emergencies.

Timely Treatment for Brain Emergencies

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital established the Cal-Neuro Network, in which hospitals work together to make sure you receive timely treatment at the best medical center for your condition. The network may save your life after you experience serious, sudden neurovascular disorders, including:

Accessing the Cal-Neuro Network

If you’re a medical professional caring for a patient in an emergency, consult your local on-call neurologist. Then, call the Cal-Neuro Network at 888-692-2563. A nurse will perform triage and refer your case to the right attending physician.

Learn more about transferring your patient to a hospital in the Cal-Neuro Network.

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