Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI)

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The intraoperative MRI increases our neurosurgeons ability to surgically remove some of the most difficult to- treat tumors. The high-quality MR imaging provides surgeons with on-demand access to real-time, detailed imaging during the operation.

This powerful imaging tool helps neurosurgeons precisely distinguish between normal and tumor tissue, enabling them to safely resect the maximal amount of tumor. The iMRI helps the patient’s chance for a better outcome with the potential to reduce the need for other treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy and additional surgeries.

Why Do Neurosurgeons Use iMRI Technology?

  • Cottage Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute - iMRI Surgical Suite
  • Cottage Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute - iMRI Surgical Suite
  • Cottage Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute - iMRI Surgical Suite
  • Cottage Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute - iMRI Surgical Suite
  • Cottage Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute - iMRI Surgical Suite

The iMRI technology is specially designed for use in neurosurgery operating rooms and produces high-quality images, allowing surgeons to:

  • Better identify tumors and other lesion types
  • Determine the size and shape of a brain tumor
  • Draw a distinction between a tumor and surrounding normal tissue
  • Perform surgeries that previously could not be safely performed

iMRI Technology Provides Better Surgical Outcomes

The intraoperative MRI (iMRI) is a breakthrough technology that provides brain tumor patients a better surgical outcomes. In most operating rooms, neurosurgeons must make their best estimation when removing brain tumors during surgery. It isn't until an MRI is completed after surgery—sometimes days or weeks later—that the true success of the surgery is known. Now, this breakthrough technology gives patients a better option, real time imaging of areas of additional tumor that may need to be removed.

iMRI Displays Images in Real-Time to Guide Doctors During Surgery

This assists the surgeon in better locating the boundary between tumor tissue and normal brain tissue, allowing a more complete removal of the tumor while reducing the risk of complications. This eliminates the need, in many cases, for additional treatments or additional surgeries.

Patient Story

Corby - Cottage Health - iMRI - Neuroscience Institute

“Cottage’s iMRI technology offered me a different path to treat my brain tumor.” - Corby, Santa Maria

When doctors diagnosed Corby with a brain tumor they believed was difficult to treat, they recommended an intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging procedure (iMRI).

The Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute at Cottage is one of just a handful of hospitals in the nation who offer this specialized medicine. Our advanced imaging system provides neurosurgeons with the clearest images during brain surgery, helping them remove the most difficult to treat tumors.

iMRI technology provides some patients with a different path and helps reduce the likelihood of an additional procedure.

Shortly after her procedure, Corby was back to hiking her favorite trail.

Jessica's Return to Dance

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