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As a leader in stroke, tumor and spine care in California, we are pleased to offer our latest advanced medicine information.

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Fall 2019 Edition

NeuroTransmitter Fall 2019

In This Issue:

-The Opioid Crisis: How Cottage Health and the Physician Community Are Addressing the Issue PAGE 4, by Paul Erickson, MD

-Comprehensive Stroke Center Designation Marks Evolution of Stroke Care at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital PAGE 8, by Philip R. Delio

-Saving the Brain: The12th Annual Neuroscience Symposium of The Central Coast, Program Details PAGE 11

Fall 2018 Edition

NeuroTransmitter Fall 2018

In This Issue:

-Differentiating Between Psychogenic Non-Epileptic and Epileptic Seizures, by Michael Gibbs, MD

-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Look at This Motor Neuron Degenerative Disease Making Recent Headlines, by Karen DaSilva, MD

-Cottage Children’s Medical Center Concussion Clinic: An Individualized Approach to Care, by Rebecca Pifer, MSN, BSN, and Penny Morgan Overgaard, PHD, RN

Spring 2017 Edition

NeuroTransmitter Spring 2017

In this Issue:

-Robotic Exoskeleton Holds Promise for Patients with Severe Neurologic Injury, by Noah Gaines, DPT, NCS

-Ninth Annual Saving the Brain Symposium Focused on the Latest Advances in Neuroscience Research and Treatment, by Philip R. Delio, MD

-Understanding the Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, by Erin Presant, DO

Spring 2016 Edition

NeuroTransmitter Spring 2016

In This Issue:

-Brain Tumor Surgery Using the Intraoperative MRI (iMRI), by John Park, MD, PHD

-Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain: Time for Reconsideration? (Part Two), by Thomas H. Jones, MD
-Using Telemedicine to Address the Shortage of Stroke Specialists and the Need for Timely tPA Treatment, by Arbi Ohanian, MD

-Eighth Annual Saving the Brain Symposium Focused on Emerging, Cutting-Edge Topics in the Neurosciences, by Philip R. Delio, MD

-Nurse Navigator Supports Brain Tumor Patients Through Difficult Diagnosis, by Kate Moesker, RN, BSN

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