NEUROtransmitter Magazine 2014

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As a leader in stroke, tumor and spine care in California, we are pleased to offer our latest advanced medicine information.

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Summer 2014 Edition

Neurotransmitter Summer 2014

In this Issue:

-Neuromodulation Therapies in Drug-Resistant Epilepsy, by Linda Chen, MD

-Advances in Acute Stroke Neuroimaging, by Philip R. Delio, MD

-What is MIS When Applied to the Cervical Spine? by Thomas H. Jones, MD

-Surgical Management of Glioblastoma, by John Park, MD

Spring 2014 Edition

Neurotransmitter Spring 2014

In this Issue:

-Stroke Program Annual Report, by Ian McLelland, BSN, RN, Stroke Coordinator

-Study Explores Novel Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke, Philip Delio, MD, stroke neurologist

-An Overview of Meningiomas: Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment, John Park, MD, PhD, neurosurgeon

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