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Summer 2015 Edition

NeuroTransmitter Summer 2015

In This Issue:

-Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain: Time for Reconsideration?, by Thomas H. Jones, MD

-Collaborative Study Focuses on Concussion in Young Athletes, by Stephen S. Kaminski, MD

-Dementia Update: Current Concepts Best Not Forgotten, by Robert Harbaugh, MD

-Managing the Pulmonary and Critical Care of Neurologically Ill Patients in the ICU, by Robert S. Wright, MD

Spring 2015 Edition

Neuro Transmitter Spring 2015

In This Issue:

-SBNI Brain and Spinal Tumor Program Emphasizes Sub-Subspecialization 
and a Team Approach, by Thomas H. Jones, MD

-Advanced Imaging and Surgical Technologies in Santa Barbara, by John Park, MD, PhD

-Tumor Resection from Eloquent Brain Areas, by John Park, MD, PhD

-Improvements in Endovascular Devices Allow Efficient Removal of Clots from Brain Vessels in Acute Ischemic Stroke, by Robert Taylor, MD

-The 7th Annual Saving the Brain Neuroscience Symposium Featured the Best Local and National Neuroscientists, by Philip R. Delio, MD

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