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Patient Testimonial: Join Corby on the Trail

Corby - Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute -

About ten years ago, Corby had a brain tumor the size of a lemon. It was treated with surgery and radiation.

Five years later, doctors found another tumor, but this time they took a different path. Doctors identified the tumor as difficult to treat, so they recommended a new procedure using the intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging system (iMRI).

The Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute at Cottage Health is one of just a handful of hospitals in the nation to offer this specialized procedure. This advanced imaging system provides neurosurgeons with the clearest images during brain surgery, helping them remove the most difficult to treat tumors.

Cottage Heath’s iMRI technology is providing patients with a new path that helps reduce the likelihood of additional procedures. Today, Corby is back to hiking her favorite trail.

Patient Testimonial: Jessica Chen

Jessica Chen - Cottage Health Neuroscience

Jessica Chen was on her way to a wedding reception in the Santa Ynez Valley when an oncoming limousine in the wrong lane caused a near-fatal collision on Highway 154.

Jessica suffered a skull fracture and life-threatening brain injury in addition to facial fractures and lacerations, an ankle fracture, a spine fracture and a bruised lung. She was transported by helicopter to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital’s Emergency Trauma Center where she underwent emergency surgery.

Jessica spent twelve days in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, then an additional five days in a medical unit before transferring to Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital to continue her recovery.

“My experience at Cottage was very personal,” Jessica said. “All of my doctors and nurses really got to know me and really cared about me; that support really helped me heal faster.”

Patient Testimonial: Joe Huerta

Joe Huerta - Cottage Health Neuroscience

Joe Huerta is a longtime Santa Barbara resident who remembers the shock of learning, at age 66, that he had a potentially life-threatening brain tumor. "I was flabbergasted," he says. "As soon as I picked myself up off the floor, I started looking for the best brain tumor doctor in town—and the best place to be treated."

Joe’s inquiry led him to a highly skilled and experienced brain tumor neurosurgeon at the Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute at Cottage Health. They told Joe he likely had a meningioma.

Patient Testimonial: Kathy Oehler

Kathy Oehler - Cottage Health Neuroscience

Kathy Oehler and her husband Richard Strasburg had just returned to their home in Morro Bay one evening after going out. Later that evening, Richard found Kathy in a catatonic state, unable to talk, with a stunned look on her face. She was taken to a local hospital and then helicoptered to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Tests showed Kathy suffered a severe brain hemorrhage from an aneurysm.

The neuroscience team at Cottage performed surgery and placed her into an induced coma to help her swollen brain heal. Kathy spent 30 days at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and then another three weeks at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital. Today, Kathy is doing well and enjoying life with her husband in Morro Bay.

Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute Lunch Lecture Series

Neuroscience Video - Thomas Jones, MD - The Power of Placebo in Modern Medicine

The Power of Placebo in Modern Medicine

Neuroscientist and Medical Director for the Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute, Thomas Jones, MD, presents information on how the placebo can affect patient outcomes.

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Teleneurology and Stroke Outreach - Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute

Teleneurology and Stroke Outreach - Saving The Brain 2016

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Stroke Coordinator, Virginia "Ginny" Clay, discusses how telemedicine helps stroke patients access specialists from remote places in the region, and where the advancing technology is headed. Presented at the 2016 Saving The Brain Symposium on November 4, 2016 in Santa Barbara, California

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Erin Presant, DO - Parkinson's

The Many Facets of Parkinson's Disease

Neurologist Erin Presant, DO, discusses the many ways that Parkinson's Disease affects patients and the efficacy of the various treatments currently available.

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Paul Erickson, MD, Neurobiology - PTSD

SBNI Lunch Lecture Series - The Neurobiology of PTSD

Paul Erickson, MD, the Medical Director for Psychiatry and Chemical Dependency at Cottage Health discusses new research that indicates neurobiology and genetics play a role in the occurrence and severity of PTSD in patients.

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Kimberly R. Alfano, PhD

Clinical Virtual Reality in the Rehabilitation and Medical Settings

Clinical Virtual Reality in the Rehabilitation and Medical Settings - Kimberly R. Alfano, PhD

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Stephen Kaminski SBNI Lunch Lecture

Sports Related Brain Injury and Concussion

Stephen Kaminski, MD, the Medical Director of Trauma Services and Surgical Intensive Care at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital discusses sports related brain injuries and what is being done to treat concussions.

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Daniel-Jurewitz SBNI Lunch Lecture

Atrial Fibrillation & Cryptogenic Stroke

Cottage Health Cardiologist Daniel Jurewitz, MD, lectures on how Atrial Fibrillation relates to Cryptogenic Stroke and new methods to detect AFib.

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Jay Winner, MD - Cottage Health Neuroscience

Reducing Patient Stress To Improve Health - Jay Winner, MD

Jay Winner, MD, a practicing Family Medicine Physician and founder of the Stress Management Program at Sansum Clinic shares what he's learned about helping patients cope with stress.

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Pain Management - A Surgeon's Perspective

Neurosurgeon and Cottage Health - Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute's Medical Director, Thomas H. Jones, MD shares his insight into the current state of Medical Pain Management - A Surgeon's Perspective.

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